UK Ecommerce Sees Two-Year High

The UK is experiencing its highest ecommerce growth in nearly two years.

Figures from the IMRG Capgemini Sales Index show that online retail sales have increased by 18% since this time last year, the strongest year on year growth since November 2014.

It has been estimated that the drive in online spending was due to record breaking temperatures experienced in the country during the early summer months, as the clothing sector led the way with a 22% growth over the course of the month, with sub-sectors like accessories and lingerie seeing the biggest gains.

Whilst July of this year proved to be a good month for British ecommerce, the average cost of each order actually decreased by 2.6% from June.

IMRG's chief information officer, Tina Spooner, pointed out that whilst the UK was forecast for an 11% online growth for the year, it was currently heading for at least 15% and a good August due to “a weak performance for the same month last year”.