UK Ecommerce Rose By Nearly 18% In 2016

A report from the Ecommerce Foundation has found that ecommerce in the UK rose by nearly 18% in 2016. This makes it the highest level of growth in the previous three years, reaching the same growth as 2013. In total, the UK ecommerce market was worth 174 billion euros in 2016, with 82% of internet users in the country shopping online. Individually, department stores saw the largest growth for any sector, with a total increase of 20%. However, ecommerce seemingly has some way to go before consumers are completely happy. The annual State of Shipping in Ecommerce report from Temando found that 86% of online consumers want free delivery, with 60% saying they shopped online more if free delivery is available. Currently, a quarter of retailers say that they do not use free shipping as a promotional tool at all.