UK Asked To Leave Internet Borders Open Post-Brexit

Following the United Kingdom's decision to leave the EU, telecommunication companies across Europe have called for the country to leave its internet borders open.Currently, when any online shopper within the continent buys something, their information is stored in huge data centres within the UK's borders.However, the vote for Britain to leave the EU puts the security of the situation at risk, causing over 900 technology companies, including BT and Vodafone, to call for negotiations to take place that would keep the borders open.Charlotte Holloway, policy director for Brexit matters at TechUK (which represents the 900 companies), said that they “are looking for assurances from the government that legal certainties on data flows between the UK and the EU will be a priority in forthcoming negotiations".The country currently houses just under half of the server farms in Europe, which support the service sector which makes up around 80% of its economy.