Two-Thirds Of Mobile Display Ads To Be Native By 2020

Research by Facebook and IHS Technology has predicted that almost two-thirds of mobile display ads will be native by 2020. The majority of these are expected to be first-party in-app native ads, but the proportion of third-party in-app native ads is also expected to rise drastically over the next few years. The study found that native ads trigger around 20-60% more engagement than traditional banner ads. They also drive higher retention rates and click-through rates than traditional banner ads. The reason for their success could be due to the fact that native ads are less obtrusive than their traditional banner counterparts, meaning that they blend into the contents of the page more naturally. Good native adverts should offer genuinely useful and interesting content, and should be crafted with as much care as a normal, organic post. Clickbaity headlines that lead to thin content that provides very little in terms of value or information can actually harm your brand reputation and drive away customers.