Twitter Rolls Out Location Tagging Feature

Twitter has teamed up with Foursquare to roll out a new location feature to its iOS users. The new feature allows users to tag themselves at a specific location, such as a museum, business or sports stadium. Whilst it had been possible for users to tag themselves in a particular city before, this is first time that users can tag themselves on a more local level. It is also the first time that this location information will appear on timelines and profiles. Previously, the location tag had only been visible if you clicked onto an individual tweet. Clicking on the location tag brings up a location feed, which contains all tweets and media that has been tagged at that location, with a map at the top of the page to show where the place is located. Twitter hopes that by improving its location-based search, it will help to create location-based Moments, which will be useful for understanding what's happening at particular events, including breaking news stories. It also hopes that it will encourage more people to tweet, as it will amplify users' voices. It could also be used in the future for location-based ad targeting.