Twitter Lite Launches For Users With Bad Internet

Twitter has launched a new stripped-down version of its service for emerging markets. Named Twitter Lite, the service has been optimised to use as little data as possible and is aimed at areas with poor internet connectivity. It aims to load fast, has an offline mode for when internet connection is lost, and has a data saver mode that lets users choose which images they want to load. Twitter Lite can be found at and is a browser-based website, rather than an app, which means that it can be accessed by users who have feature phones rather than smartphones. Twitter commented on the launch, saying: “It works on most smartphones and tablets without an App Store or Google Play account. You won't need an email account or credit card either.” It seems that Twitter is focusing its attention on the lucrative Indian market with this launch. It has signed an agreement with Vodafone, one of India's biggest mobile operators, to promote Twitter Lite amongst its customers.