Twitter Launches Instant Unlock Card

Twitter has launched a new advertising product called Instant Unlock Card, which aims to boost audience engagement and brand awareness. Instant Unlock Card offers users access to exclusive content, such as a video, if they tweet a particular tweet. Instant Unlock Card is based on conversational ads, which Twitter introduced earlier this year. To use the Instant Unlock Card, advertisers need to post a conversational ad, which is a tweet containing one or two call-to-action buttons with customisable hashtags for users to choose from. When a user clicks on one of the call-to-action buttons, it will generate a pre-written tweet for them, including the hashtag buttons, to share with their followers, allowing the brand's message to be shared with a wider audience. Once the user has sent the tweet, the exclusive content will be “unlocked” for them to view. Twitter has said that Instant Unlock Card saw a 34% earned media rate in beta tests, meaning that, on average, advertisers got 34 earned impressions for every 100 impressions that they paid for. Instant Unlock Card is available in all markets. Just contact your Twitter account manager to get started.