Twinkle100 Report Reveals Dutch Ecommerce Trends

The annual Twinkle100 report has been published, revealing the latest ecommerce trends in the Netherlands. The report revealed that is the most popular ecommerce site in the Netherlands, followed by Coolblue and Wehkamp. generated revenue totalling 950 million Euros in the Netherlands in 2016, up from 730 million Euros the year before. Out of the top 100 ecommerce sites in the country, 48 were Dutch. Out of the 52 foreign sites, 25 were headquartered in Germany. The top ranking foreign sites were Zalando in fourth place and Amazon in sixth place. As well as uncovering a strong preference for Dutch websites, the study also found that the most popular payment method was iDeal, which was listed on 96% of all ecommerce sites targeting the Netherlands.