TV Ads To Account For 40% Of Indian Ad Spend

TV advertising will make up around 40% of all ad spend in India this year, despite the growth in mobile. According to research performed by eMarketer, TV and print advertising will make up the two largest shares of the country's ad market in 2017, with around 3.1 billion US dollars going on TV alone. Print will largely be spent on newspaper ads, which are still profitable in a country which has lower than average internet penetration. Mobile ads will see the largest growth over last year, with an expected 85% increase in spend, although it will only see 460 million US dollars' worth of spend, much lower than TV or print. However, digital ad spend growth as a whole is forecast to slow down in the coming years, from a 30% increase in 2016, to just a 16% increase in 2021, although by then it is expected to be worth 23% of India's total media ad spend. A forecasting analyst at eMarketer said that TV and print are expected to lead the way for some time as they are a “mainstay of media advertising due to its outsized influence on the lives of many in India”.