Travellers Willing To Swap Data For Personalisation

A new survey from Amadeus has found that 64% of travellers in the Asia Pacific region are prepared to exchange data for a personalised travel experience. Just under 7,000 people were questioned for the survey, from 14 countries including Australia, China and India. It was found that the willingness to share data differed significantly across the region. Whilst 80% of those in Indonesia were happy to share data in return for personalised travel, 69% of Japanese respondents said they were completely against the idea. This large inconsistency led Amadeus' Asia Pacific president to say that the diversity in travellers across the Asia Pacific region proved that a “one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past” for marketers. It was also found that travelling plans were most impacted by review sites and word-of-mouth, proving the need for content to be targeted “through the right channel, at the right time”.