Top Two Important Factors In Thai Ecommerce Revealed

A study by yStats has identified mobile and social media as the two most important factors driving the Thai ecommerce market. Mobile is hugely important in Thailand, with mobile phones being the number one device used to access the internet. In the next few years, mobile is set to account for over half of all online sales. With so many people using their phones to go online shopping, it is important that businesses optimise their websites for mobile and offer suitable payment options. Social media was identified as the most popular platform for ecommerce in the country. Over half of online shoppers place orders via social media, with Facebook, Instagram and Line being the top social networks. Thailand is the second largest B2C ecommerce market in the South East Asian region, behind Indonesia. Thailand is expected to maintain its second-place position through to 2025, due to projected double-digit growth in the country's ecommerce market.