Top Ecommerce Trends Of 2017 Revealed

A new whitepaper from Magneto and Lab has identified the most important ecommerce trends for 2017. Using data from multiple sources, it was found that the most significant trends included chatbots, the recent advances in voice search, and 3D modelling. Tom Head, sales and marketing director at Lab, noted that “by 2020, 50% of all online searches will be voice searches”, pointing to the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home this year as a leap forward in the industry. Head also commented on the advances in 3D modelling, saying that the technology was being used to bring “new front-end interactive experiences” for users, which would help brands to “differentiate from the competition”. Concerning chatbots, the report said that the increased use of messaging apps over social media platforms was encouraging brands to develop their own bots. Predominantly, these are being used by companies to effectively do specific jobs such as providing advice and ordering items on behalf of users.