Tips For Effective B2B Targeting Online

Whilst B2B and B2C marketing are becoming more and more alike, there are still crucial differences. We talk to Ferry Meijndert from Evident Digital to discuss what businesses should be aware of when developing their B2B campaigns. Ferry discusses the challenge of having to convince multiple buyers within one company, as well as additional factors to consider when operating internationally. We also look at the changes that are currently happening in the B2B space and how to ensure you keep up with them.

Find out more about:

  • Selling to a business online
  • Why B2B marketing has to target multiple people for a single sale
  • Where the B2B marketing sector is heading

Ferry is the CEO of Evident Digital, a digital marketing company focused on B2B clients. Before founding the company in 2009, he also worked in the B2B sector as a business consultant.