Tips And Tactics For International B2B PPC Campaigns

PPC is still a major driver of traffic and conversions for B2B brands. Jeroen Maljers from Swydo joins us to share insights into how they can make the most of the channel.

Learn more about:

  • The biggest pitfalls to be aware of when running international PPC campaigns
  • The key differences between B2B and B2C PPC campaigns
  • What you should consider when writing B2B ads
  • Which Google AdWords features he's most excited about
  • Which platforms to focus on for paid social B2B campaigns

Jeroen Maljers is the CEO and co-founder of the PPC platform Swydo. He is a digital marketing expert with extensive knowledge of coding, analytics, PPC, SEO and other online marketing instruments. His main areas of interest are online strategy, online growth hacking, PPC and online marketing.