The Rise Of Video And Social In Indian Advertising

Digital advertising spend in India has moved dramatically towards video and social media. After eMarketer predicted that the country's ad market would pass the 1 billion US dollar mark by 2017, research by IMRB International has shown how spending tendencies have changed in the past four years. The analysis shows that the largest increase in spend has been seen in video advertising; in 2012 only 5% of budgets were attributed to video, whilst in 2015 that figure had risen to 17%. Increases were also seen over the same period from mobile, which saw an increase from 7% to 16%, and social media which saw an increase from 10 to 18%. Display advertising in the country saw a larger drop however, falling from 41% to just 17% of spend from 2012 to 2015. IMRB pointed to higher internet speed and increased smartphone use as the reason behind the distinct shift in India's ad spend landscape.