The New York Times Sees Programmatic Revenue Rise

The New York Times' international programmatic revenue has seen an increase of 100% in just the past three months. Compared to the first quarter of 2017, the publication saw its programmatic revenues double in Q2, with partnerships with advertisers to create personalised content pushing much of the growth. Sara Badler, the company's Director of Programmatic Advertising, said that it was “modifying and changing [its] programmatic products to meet client demands”. Badler added that the challenge with programmatic is the way in which it is automated which can lead to troubles when negotiating with different markets. Jason Jutla from Essence commented on its deals with the New York Times, saying that more details about consumers' habits on the site were needed, such as the ability to identify demographics. However, the publication is an attractive option for many agencies, with one saying that the publication was a good option since it provided brand safety and “new programmatic ways of working”.