The Most Popular Types Of Apps Around The World

Research by Cheetah Mobile has revealed which types of apps are most successful in various countries around the world. Brazil has the highest levels of app user engagement and competition in the world, with the average Brazilian using 29.23 apps per month. Gaming apps – specifically educational, racing, simulation and action apps – are a promising area, as they have high levels of engagement and low levels of competition, meaning that there are big opportunities to break into these areas. In India, casino, word and strategy gaming apps have the highest levels of engagement and lowest levels of competition. It is a similar story in the USA, where board, word, card and strategy game apps offer the biggest opportunities. There are even more sectors representing big opportunities with low levels of competition in the UK market. Like in the USA, board, word, card and strategy game apps are in big demand, as are news and lifestyle apps. With gaming apps consistently showing promise in all four markets, let's take a look at what makes a good gaming app, and how you can use gaming apps to drive brand awareness. A good gaming app will be fun, easy to understand and play, and will offer real-life rewards for completing a challenge – such as discounts and coupons. It's a good idea to work with an app development company to build your app, rather than trying to build it from scratch yourself. You will want to ensure that your branding is present within the app so that users make the mental connection between the game and your company. Good gaming apps engage users and, in doing so, elicit brand awareness and brand loyalty.