Swiss Ecommerce Merchants Show Poor Customer Service

 A study from Swiss consulting firm Carpathia has shown that ecommerce merchants in the country fall short when it comes to customer service. The results showed that only 12% of the merchants which sold clothing, textiles and shoes guaranteed free delivery, whilst 35% charged for delivery below a certain amount and 53% always charged for delivery. When it comes to the threshold at which companies were most likely to offer free delivery, food and drink sellers offered free shipping on orders above 291 euros, whilst on average media retailers offered the same service on orders above just 35 euros. However, of the one hundred shops scrutinised, only five of them offered free returns to customers. Carpathia said that return conditions were also often difficult to understand or find. They said that it was “unnerving” to read terms and conditions but still not have clarity over whether or not customers could return items.