Study Reveals Click-Through Rates In The US And Europe

Research company AdRoll has presented a comparison between click-through rates, or CTRs, of European countries and the United States. The original study was based in the States, before being carried out in Europe. The European results showed that Eastern European countries had the highest CTR on average, only behind Spain and Portugal. However, both studies have since been linked in order to compare the results from Europe and the USA. The results found that if the US were a European country, it would be in 24th place with just half of the click-through rate as the survey's highest country, Portugal. In fact, it also found that when Europe was split into North, East, South and West, the United States had a lower CTR than the whole of Europe apart from the North, which includes the United Kingdom, Finland and Lithuania. This was found to be likely due to similar broadband adoption rates of around 90% in both regions.