Storytelling on social media for the technology sector

The technology sector is one that has embraced the storytelling value of social media pretty well. After all, technology is one of the biggest stories of the 21st century. However, one thing that many technology companies struggle with is creating global content to serve their international audiences. Too often, stories are not tailored to the specific needs of local audiences, which can cause your message to fall flat in international markets. This guide will dive deep into these ten actionable tips explaining how technology companies can best use storytelling on social media, with a focus on how you can succeed with this internationally:

  • admit not everyone is at the same technological moment in time
  • create local customer stories
  • don't just be catchy, be informative as well
  • focus on generally known issues your software can fix
  • admit your flaws
  • put your company's values into local perspective
  • talk about ethics
  • go around the world when taking images
  • create all-inclusive guidelines
  • include all your marketing teams

Whether you are just getting started with social media or if you want to improve your existing efforts, this guide is a must for any technology company wanting to ensure they have a strong understanding of how best to harness the power of storytelling for their organisation.