Stop wasting money on outdated PPC tactics

This is a recording of a talk given at the International Search Summit Barcelona 2023. Whilst the rules of engagement vary from market to market, one universal truth remains the same: wasted spend is the enemy. From account pitfalls, to geo-specific restrictions, it can be hard to stay on top of which PPC strategies are still viable and which need to be retired. At the same time, there are some hidden gem tactics that not all markets adopt because they are not immediately available and fly under the radar. In this international data-backed and action-oriented talk, Navah Hopkins from Optmyzr explains which strategies are no longer viable, based on large sample size data sets. She also highlights pitfalls to avoid in new and old Google/Microsoft accounts, and which strategies will find success in all markets. This session is designed for both agency and in-house and is applicable to marketers from all geo-markets.