South Korea's Most Popular Ecommerce Site Revealed

South Korea's top ecommerce site has been revealed to be 11Street. According to research performed by Nielsen, 11Street, or Korean Street as it is colloquially known in the country, was the most visited platform across its mobile app and desktop site combined, with over 11 million unique users in November 2016 alone. In the mobile internet category, it failed to take the top spot however – although it still brought in 7.4 million users through that channel. Its success comes at the same time that the country's Ministry of Science has announced that more than 99% of households in South Korea have internet access, with 88% of the population over the age of three years old using the web. The steady increase in internet penetration has been helped by the growing numbers of users over the age of 60, around 50% of whom used the web in 2016, compared to under a third in 2014.