South Korea Has Best 3G And 4G Signal In The World

South Korea has both the fastest and most available 3G and 4G signal in the world. According to a survey from Open Signal, more than 98% of the country has access to 3G or 4G data signals. This compares well to Japan in second place, on 95%. Additionally, South Korea's overall speed of 3G and 4G connection lies at 41 Mbps, far ahead of second place Singapore on just 31 Mbps, and third place Hungary on 26 Mbps. The study also looked at Wi-Fi use across the world, and found that the Dutch spent more time on Wi-Fi than anyone else, with 70% of their time spent connected this way. However, South Korea scored badly in this test, arguably due to its impressive 4G connection. Open Signal says in its report that 3G and 4G has become the dominant form of connection in South Korea, Japan and the US.