Social Media Seen As Best Way To Boost Brand Awareness

A study by PRDaily has shown that social media is now seen as the best way to increase brand awareness. Created for the State of Social Media 2016 report, the survey found that 83% of brands are looking to create more video content, a third of whom are looking to do so specifically for Facebook. It was also found that 85% of businesses use social media as a way of boosting the awareness of their brand, whilst customer support was only given as a reason for being on social media by 20% of respondents. Facebook remains the leader in ad spend as well, with over 90% of brands using the platform to advertise. This compares to only a third of respondents who bought ads on Twitter in 2016. The study also found that whilst 83% of brands wished they could create more video content, 73% said this was made difficult by a lack of time and resources.