Social Advertising Has Little Impact On Conversions

A study conducted by CivicScience has found that social advertising is having little impact on conversions. The survey questioned consumers in the US on if they had ever bought anything after seeing it advertised on social media. The lowest percentage of conversions on a particular platform was on Snapchat, where only 1% of users had ever bought anything they'd seen advertised there. This trend continued across other platforms, where 2% and 4% said they had bought an item after seeing it advertised on Twitter and Instagram respectively. Facebook saw more success, but it was still found that just 16% of people had bought an item advertised on the site. 45% said they had never bought anything advertised on any of the social media platforms that they used. In a report on the study from eMarketer, it suggested that the reason behind this low conversion rate was simply that “consumers aren't very interested in buying something while they're on a social platform”.