Snapchat-Style Shopping App Launches Across The World

A new shopping app, called YEAY, has been released globally in an attempt to make in-app shopping easier for users. According to founder Melanie Mohr, online shopping is “broken” and won't work for the next generation of users. Of the youngest online shoppers, 'Generation Z', there are 200% more users than from 'Generation Y'. The app includes Snapchat-style features like video clips to help users advertise products and sell them to other users. YEAY allows users to upload items quickly to the platform, whilst businesses can upload larger volumes to their own pages which buyers can purchase goods from directly. Video is currently widely used and the app has been described as a “positive step” towards encouraging brands to rely heavily on the introduction of good content. Mohr has said that YEAY plans to have 5 million unique visitors by the end of 2017.