Snapchat Overtakes Twitter In US

Twitter has been overtaken by Snapchat when it comes to number of downloads on Android phones, in the US. In April it was announced that Twitter was currently installed on 21.8% of Android devices, whilst Snapchat was installed on 22.7% of devices, making this the first time that the photo sharing app has found itself ahead. Snapchat has since been noted as a rising risk for both Twitter and Facebook, with Argus analyst Jim Keller saying that he was “concerned that Twitter may be ceding potential and active users to sites such as Snapchat” which he noted worked better in the “'selfie' era.” However, despite Snapchats rise, it still falls behind Facebook's collection of apps, with Facebook itself currently the most popular, being installed on 68% of Android devices, followed by its own Facebook Messenger app, Instagram and WhatsApp.