Snapchat Launches New Search Feature

Snapchat has launched a new search feature within its app. The new feature allows users to search for and view pictures and videos posted on the app from anywhere in the world. What makes this different from other Snapchat options is that users no longer have to be friends with the person who posted the content. Whilst this is similar to the current 'Our Story' feature, where users can see content posted by people located nearby, this new feature allows content to be found via a keyword search. Snapchat said that the new search feature was launched to build “a new way to understand what's happening” on the app, whilst also claiming that users will now be able to “search over one million unique stories on Snapchat”. Meanwhile, after a slowing of user growth for the app in recent months caused shares in its parent company Snap to fall, shares rose again by 1.4% at the end of March 2017.