Snapchat Introduces Deep Linking And Auto Form Filling

Snapchat has introduced two new features for advertisers on the platform: deep linking and auto form filling. With deep linking, advertisers can now add links to their adverts so that when users click on them, they are taken out of the Snapchat app and onto a particular page on another app. This is good news for ecommerce and retention-focused brands, who will now be able to direct potential customers to specific product pages within their own apps. With auto form filling, if a lead generation form is shown after an advert, users will be offered the option of filling out the form with a single tap. The information will be pulled from the user's Snapchat profile and will save them time, making it more likely that they will submit the form. Snapchat hopes that these two new features will help to boost lead generation and conversions. Deep linking and auto form filling are only available with Snap Ads, which are Snapchat's full screen video ads.