Snapchat Creates Conversion Tracking Tool

Snapchat has announced that it has created a conversion tracking tool. Named Snap Pixel, it is currently in the testing phase but is expected to be rolled out to all advertisers in the next few weeks. The tool will allow advertisers to see how many people have converted on their website after viewing their ad on Snapchat, even if they did not click on the ad or interact with it directly. To use the tool, advertisers will simply need to add the Snap Pixel's code onto the webpages that they want to track conversions on. They will also need to specify which conversion event they want to track; for example, a purchase, page view or sign up. Conversion measurements will then be visible via Snapchat Ad Manager. The Snap Pixel will initially only work for the vertical-video Snap Ads format, not Sponsored Lens or Sponsored Geofilter ads, although this might change in the future. Snapchat says that by the end of the year, it hopes that advertisers will be able to use Snap Pixel to do retargeting and create lookalike audiences.