Snapchat Allows Advertisers To Control Ad Placements

Brands can now take control over what content appears next to their ads on Snapchat. The move has been taken to help the social media platform avoid a repetition of the controversy that caused multiple brands to pull out of advertising on YouTube, after their content was found to be appearing next to extremist videos. Following the move, advertisers using Snap Ads can now opt out of having their adverts appear next to certain types of content. There are three options available to brands to help them select exactly which content types their adverts can appear alongside. This includes content category exclusions, with seven different categories available to select or deselect, an option to have ads appear only alongside Snapchat-curated content, and another option to have the ad appear only between user stories. These three placement controls are available to all advertisers on the platform. An “All Snapchat” option, with no content restrictions, is the default setting.