Smartphone Penetration Rising In Qatar

Smartphone penetration is on the rise in Qatar, directly effecting the way people in the country get information. In a survey conducted by the Northwestern University in Qatar, it was shown that more people in the country are getting their news online than are getting it through a print newspaper, with 42% of the population now reading news digitally. It also showed the extent to which people are shifting from television to online video in the region, after daily TV viewing figures dropped 16% in Saudi Arabia and 21% in Qatar. The survey also covered the issue of online censoring, asking participants who they thought was responsible for blocking 'objectionable' content, an issue which split all countries in the Middle East. More nationals in Qatar believe it is the government's job to block content, while in the surrounding countries of the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Tunisia, the majority believe it is down to the user to avoid bad content.