Scandinavian Ecommerce Behaviours Of 2016 Revealed

The Nordic region's ecommerce market was worth a total of 21.9 billion Euros in 2016, with Sweden taking the largest share. According to the 2016 edition of PostNord's ecommerce report, more than 60% of the region's total population shopped online last year, with Norwegians spending the most per person, on average. Respondents in the survey were also questioned on the main reason they shopped online. The most common answer in Norway, Sweden and Denmark was that it enabled consumers to shop when it suited them best. However, in Finland, the top reasons for shopping online was that it was cheaper, and that it offered a larger and better range of products. It was also found that shoppers in the Nordics are fairly reliant on cross-border shopping, with 25% of consumers in the region shopping from foreign ecommerce sites, spending a total of 5.4 billion Euros abroad. The most popular foreign country to buy from was the UK, followed by China, Germany and the US.