SAP And Yandex To Develop New Analytics Service

SAP and Yandex have announced a new deal to develop a new analytics service. Aimed at the retail, banking and telecommunication sectors, the cloud-based system will use the capabilities of the Yandex Data Factory whilst offering customers personalised services based on the SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud platform. Focused on consumers, the system will allow both companies to use the vast amounts of data each have collected individually. The Yandex Data Factory bases its big data algorithms on matching up consumers with each other based on buying habits, which the company claims saves 10% on the cost of acquiring and retaining customers. Yandex Data Factory COO, Alexander Khaytin, said that the choice to work with SAP was made to overcome concerns with integration of data with existing systems. He said that the deal was made “so that we can offer our clients advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, without additional integration costs”.