Pinterest Launches Showcase Section In Profiles

Pinterest has launched a showcase section that sits at the top of a user's profile. You can choose up to 5 different images to display in your showcase. These will rotate every few seconds, giving you the opportunity to tell a short story through a montage of images. The purpose of the new showcase section is to give you more control over what your audience sees when they visit your profile. Because the showcase sits above everything else, it is the first thing that they will see. You will need to manually choose which images to include in your showcase. To do this, just go to the profile section of your account settings, or go to your profile and click the edit pencil icon in the corner of the showcase. If you advertise on Pinterest using Buyable Pins, these will automatically be displayed as the first slide in your showcase, although you can change this at any time by clicking on the edit pencil icon on the showcase and turning off the “include your shop” option.