Penguin Is Now Part Of Google's Core Algorithm

Google has announced that Penguin is now a part of its core algorithm. Penguin is an algorithm that focuses on backlink profile quality and decreases the rankings of websites that have spammy, low quality or irrelevant links and use black-hat SEO techniques to manipulate rankings. As part of the updates, Penguin will now update in real-time. Previously, Penguin would refresh periodically, meaning that if a website was hit by a Penguin penalty and subsequently cleaned up its backlink profile, it would not lose its penalty and regain its rankings until Penguin refreshed. Now that Penguin will refresh in real-time, it means that penalties will be able to be lifted much faster. Another change is that Penguin will now be more granular. This means that penalties will affect specific webpages, rather than entire websites. The update affects all languages.