Over Half Of People Worldwide Now Own A Smartphone

According to a global report from We Are Social, more than half of people on Earth now own a smartphone. This increase in ownership has led directly to a rise in the number of unique users of mobile devices, which saw a 5% rise over the course of 2016 to reach 66% of the world's 7.4 billion total population. According to the report, increased growth was also seen in the amount of worldwide internet users, which as a result of rising levels of smartphone use passed 50% penetration for the first time. The largest increase however was found in the level of growth on global social media, where 581 million more people have an account now than did at the start of 2016, an increase of 30%. Regionally, it was APAC that saw substantial internet usage growth, and now represents over half of the world's online population, social media users and mobile social media users.