Organic vs boosted content? Focus on audience insights

This is a recording of a talk given at the International Social Summit Barcelona 2023. Is social organic dead? Can I grow my brand channels organically? Should I boost my content? Who do I target when boosting content? Should I boost or should I do dark ads? Are followers and growth not the most important things to focus on social? These are questions that any social media professional asks themselves. When it comes to content, brands really need to have a deep look at who they want to talk to and why. Organic audiences do not behave the same as paid audiences and it is vital to get to know them both. If you do not, you will end up with a static audience that does not resonate with your content and will generate zero brand love. In this talk, Karla Hernández Zaldívar from provides tips on how to get to know your audiences and create appropriate and unique content strategies based on these (paid and organic) audiences.