NLP, internet slang and internationalisation

This is a recording of a talk given at the virtual International Search Summit Global 2020. SEOs, digital marketers and tech companies are excited about the applications of NLP for language tasks, including translation, text generation, and intelligent linking. For international marketing, machine learning can represent a way to reach new people that would not have been possible in years past. One of the problems that comes up with using automation in your international efforts is the way that language shifts and changes, especially in the rapid way internet culture generates new words, associations and slang. From the way Moroccan teens use the modern English alphabet to spell out Arabic words, to the ways Chinese students code switch between English and Mandarin, the rapidly flowing internationalisation and memeification of language can be challenging to understand for users and marketers. In this session, Jessica will discuss ways to tackle and recognise how language flows whilst also giving tips on ways to use new machine learning techniques in your international marketing flow.