Nigerian Luxury Retailer Polo To Launch Ecommerce Site

Nigeria's largest luxury retailer, Polo, is set to launch its own high-end ecommerce platform. According to a recent article by Forbes, many of Nigeria's affluent population lives in the city of Lagos, where Polo is the only retailer of brands such as Gucci and Rolex. Off the back of the success it has found on the high-street, the company will launch in March 2017, the first luxury retail site in Africa. Jennifer Obayuwana, founder of The Polo Avenue, said that ecommerce “is rapidly gaining acceptance as a retail channel for luxury goods in emerging countries”. She added that despite the “infrastructural limitations”, Polo will target the “growing demand for luxury goods” in Nigeria. Features of the website will include giving each shopper their own concierge service which can select items based on individual taste, as well as featuring Nigerian-made goods and luxury African designers.