Nigerian Companies Should Launch Own Ecommerce Stores

It has been reported that Nigeria's large ecommerce platforms are not large enough to cope with the demand of the country's online consumers. Whilst ecommerce shopping in the country is expanding, with a 34% growth in total online spend in the last year, many new businesses are joining existing marketplaces such as Jumia or Konga, instead of opening their own online stores. Whilst there are significantly less start-up costs to enter one of these online marketplaces, it limits growth in the long term because these marketplaces do not have the resources to fulfil all the orders. This means that even with a growing ecommerce market, the limited number of large marketplaces cannot meet the needs of Nigeria's online shoppers at a high standard. Supermart's Raphael Afeador, has said that “one player can't do it all”, and that more ecommerce stores are needed in order for the market to continue to increase.