New version of Google Search Console being rolled out

A new version of the Google Search Console has started rolling out to all users. The new Search Console includes a Search Performance report spanning 16 months. Google hopes that the extra months will help webmasters to spot longer-term trends and make year-on-year comparisons. Another feature of the new Search Console is an Index Coverage report. The Index Coverage report will tell webmasters which URLs on their website are correctly indexed, which have potential issues and which are not being indexed and why. For pages with indexation problems, webmasters will be able to tell what the problem is and easily submit a fix. A third new feature applies to AMP pages. Search Enhancements reports reveal specific errors and warnings for AMP pages. Webmasters can then fix any issues and run a test to see if the fix has been successful. If it is, then they can request that the fix is validated across multiple pages. The fourth and final new feature applies to websites that post job vacancies. The Search Console now includes Job Postings reports. Google also reminds webmasters that sites in certain countries may be eligible to have their jobs shown on Google for Jobs.