New Technologies Unveiled At Google I/O 2017

Google has unveiled several new technologies at its Google I/O conference, indicating that its clear focus in the future will be the practical applications of AI and machine learning. The search engine's annual developer conference in California did not bring much news in the way of new hardware, but technology such as the new Google Lens were announced. Google Lens uses AI technology to identify separate objects within a camera frame in real time. This will allow the user to point the device at a flower, for example, and be told exactly what it is. Also unveiled at the conference were updates to Google's VR platform, Daydream, such as the introduction of a dedicated headset for the technology, with examples of how it could be used in classroom scenarios. However, the most immediate changes announced concern Google Home, the company's digital assistant. Updates to the system will include the ability to make phone calls, and voice recognition that allows different members of the same household to use different accounts.