Naver And Kakao Both Focus On Video

The South Korean technology brands Naver and Kakao are looking to move into online video. Due to estimations from Cisco that 82% of internet traffic will be created by online video by 2020, the brands have each developed their own video platforms. Naver has recently introduced Naver TV which allows users to access high-quality videos on both mobile and desktop devices. The company has also increased promotion of its broadcasting app Naver V-Live, which has just launched new features including the ability for users to use video filters and dual-screen functions. Meanwhile, Kakao has rolled out its updated Kakao TV platform which, like Naver TV, allows users to watch videos on both desktop and on mobile. The director of Kakao's video platform team said that the newly designed Kakao TV will “become a highly competitive video platform with strong capabilities”, which include video enjoyment and monetisation.