Naver And Google Butt Heads In South Korea

Google is coming under attack from rival search engine Naver in South Korea. Naver has released a seven-page document demanding that Google reveal information about its taxes, traffic costs, employment, search systems and advertising systems in South Korea. Naver claims that Google is not paying enough taxes or employing enough local workers considering the large profits that the American search giant makes in the country. Naver also claims that Google's search results are influenced by financial and political factors, rather than being based on what would be the best search results for the user. Google has previously released a statement saying that it pays the correct amount of taxes in South Korea and that its search results are free from financial and political pressure, but it has not released the in-depth information being demanded by Naver now. Naver has been criticised by some commentators who say that it is only putting Google in the spotlight in an attempt to deflect attention away from its own wrong-doings. Naver was recently found guilty of manipulating the news it displays in its news portal and has spent the last week being grilled by the South Korean government.