Millennial Mobile App Usage Trends Revealed

Research by comScore has found that millennials spend a greater proportion of time using the top 10 most popular apps than all other age groups. Millennials, defined as people aged between 18 and 34, spend 50% of their app time on the top 10 apps. This is more than people aged 35-54, who spend 39% of their app time on the top 10 apps, and those aged 55 and over who come in at 34%. Millennials are also more prolific in terms of the amount of apps they use. The study looked at the number of apps with at least 25% audience penetration by age segment and found this number was 20 for millennials, 15 for those aged 35 to 54, and 13 for those aged 55 and over. The results show that millennials are an extremely important audience for app developers to consider, as they are both the most loyal to their top apps, and also the group that shows the most diversity in their overall app usage.