Mid-Sized Cities Have Most Growth Potential In SE Asia

Research conducted by Nielsen has found that small to medium sized regions of South East Asia are the market's largest growth prospect. The study looked at the future potential of consumer demand in the region, with the report covering 700 cities. It was found that over seven different product categories, the fastest growth was happening in places with a population of between 500,000 to 1 million people, and in middleweight regions of one to five million people. This result goes against the popularly-held belief that the region's large cities, such as Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok, hold the most potential for market growth. Additionally, it was found that these medium-sized markets are likely to grow so much that they are likely to become some of the South East Asian region's top markets by 2030. A spokesperson from Nielson commented on the report, saying that it proved that businesses needed to “look beyond mega-cities to see the growth opportunity hot spots within middleweight regions”.