Media-contextual banners move to Yandex.Direct

The Russian search engine Yandex has moved its media-contextual banners (MCBs) to the Yandex.Direct interface. MCBs are adverts that appear on Yandex's search results page and are triggered by relevant searches. As well as moving location, MCBs have undergone several changes that Yandex hopes will be beneficial for advertisers. Under the changes, MCBs have now switched to a pay-per-click model, meaning that advertisers only have to pay for actual clicks on their ads. Audience targeting has also been improved. Whilst previously advertisers had to pay for thematic packages, they can now target specific keywords, meaning that their ads can now be triggered in a much more refined way. Furthermore, the size of MCBs have increased. They are now 240x400 pixels in size, making them more noticeable on the page. Advertisers who used MCBs before can now access them in the Yandex.Direct interface. New advertisers who want to try the format are encouraged to get in touch with their Yandex account manager.