Mary Meeker Report 2017 Published

This year's Internet Trends report from KPCB has been released. The report, known as “The Mary Meeker Report”, has shown that internet user growth is beginning to plateau, smartphone shipments are slowing, and mobile ad spend is on the increase. A number of studies were conducted for the paper, including one that found that after an increase in year-on-year growth for internet user levels around the world in 2014, this growth has shown no increase from 2015 to 2016. It was also found that smartphone shipments are continuing to steadily fall, as they have since 2010, now down to less than 5% growth. However, mobile internet usage continues to grow, going from 2.8 hours per day on average in the US in 2015 to 3.1 hours in 2016. Advertising has also been shown to be going through change, with mobile advertising budgets in the US looking set to overtake that of desktop ad spend within the next year. However, whilst users are spending 28% of their time on media on mobile, advertisers are only spending 21% of their budgets on the platform, meaning there is currently a 16 billion US dollar opportunity for advertisers.