Marriott Sees Success On Snapchat

According to a report from WARC, the hotel company Marriott has seen high levels of success on Snapchat as it attempts to communicate with a younger audience. The company's campaign began in March this year, with a video series named 'Six Days, Seven Nights', which presented several influencers' trips to Dubai, New York, Seoul and Berlin. A spokesperson from Marriott has said that Snapchat provides “the ability to communicate with a younger audience that is not as familiar with Marriott, our brands, and even our loyalty programs”. Since its launch, the Six Days, Seven Nights campaign has had the highest average view-through of any advertising campaign on the platform. With this success, Marriott has confirmed that it is a campaign which the brand will be continuing. Currently, Snapchat has 166 million daily users, most of whom are included in the younger demographics.